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financial analysis

Find some personal balance through your personal finances

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Being able to analyze your finances at any time will help you to have and maintain a balance, not only financially, but personally. Analyzing your personal finances regularly is necessary, not only to know your current situation, but also to try to plan ahead and prevent. Any unexpected life event. As our lives change, our…

pagos mínimos de tarjeta de crédito

What happens when you don’t pay the total of your credit card debt?

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Managing your credit card can be difficult if you don’t pay the total of your monthly balance; 50% of credit card users, have been carrying a debt for two or more years, being the average household credit card debt $6,081. Not making payments in full can quickly add up, because of interest rates and the…

trading con criptomonedas

What is trading with cryptocurrencies?

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If you are already a user of cryptocurrencies, terms like Blockchain or digital wallet should already be familiar to you. In financial operations with digital products, trading with cryptocurrencies includes all the operations of buying and selling these instruments, in order to obtain a profit. The most common way to trade is using a Cryptocurrency…

metodos para eliminar tu deuda

Avalanche or snowball: the best methods to eliminate your debt

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In your personal finances there will always be debts or credits, and as long as they don’t overwhelm you, stress or leave you challenged for covering your current expenses, you will not have to worry. But if you are one of those people who depends on your card or credit cards for everything, making minimum…

blockchain application

Beyond cryptocurrencies: the many faces of Blockchain

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With the growth of cryptocurrencies, the word Blockchain has also become very popular. Blockchain is the base technology around cryptocurrencies; essentially, it is a series of blocks of data that exist in an online database in which transactions, quantities, dates and participants are recorded through codes. But the uses of this technology go far beyond…

niveles de control financiero

What’s your level of financial control?

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When it comes to  financial control we all have different preferences, consumption habits and concerns about the future, but it is easy to get caught up in the idea of ​​living in the moment without thinking about future consequences. In Mexico 53.8% of workers save little or nothing for their retirement, 42.2% of employees think…

ecommcerce cryptocurrency

How cryptocurrencies will change e-commerce forever

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Cryptocurrencies and the technologies that are becoming their infrastructure are not only changing and expanding financial processes, they have the potential to revolutionize the way e-commerce works. Every time we make an online transaction, there are many actors involved: the vendor, the credit card issuing institution, the e-commerce software used to manage the trade, the…

4 easy steps to change your personal finances with Glass

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We all know how much we earn, the most common problem in personal finances, is how much we spend, and in what. Glass, as an expense viewer and tracker may be the solution for you. Glass makes your finances transparent, and puts your financial destiny in your eyes and in your hands. Start today to…

digital payments

5 Trends that will change your financial management

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The introduction of new technologies and the integration of these to conventional banking are opening a new horizon for your financial management. Cryptocurrencies, mobile payments and new security measures are being incorporated into the financial sector as innovations, but they will soon become common practices. Check out these 5 trends that will change the way…