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Centralized cryptocurrencies? The International Monetary Fund says: yes

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Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund is promoting the use of cryptocurrencies as a financial instrument, but in an institutionalized and centralized manner in each country. Governments, then, should consider offering their own cryptocurrencies to prevent cryptocurrencies from becoming means to commit financial crimes. How would this work ? Under this scheme the…

Financial transparency: Why do Millennials share their finances?

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Financial transparency is becoming normal within the generation of millennials. The new ways of sharing daily life within social networks is helping to put this generation in a position previous generations didn’t have: experiencing financial transparency.   An open generation A new study by revealed that approximately one third of the millennials share financial…

Cryptocurrencies: 10 years of Bitcoin

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Today a decade ago, the mysterious founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, published a nine-page article called “Bitcoin: a peer-to-peer financial system.” This document would continue to act as the founding text of the popular cryptocurrency, under its principles the first Bitcoin transactions were carried out in early 2009. It’s impossible to say how much Bitcoin…

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Cryptocurrencies: 3 ways in which technology is changing finances

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Fintech  goes beyond online transfers or cryptocurrencies. The new technologies applied to the financial sector have an impact not only on personal finances, but in their daily life in general. In 2010, approximately a quarter of the world population was connected through the internet; by 2017, that number had increased to half the population of…

Startups that are changing personal finances

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We have grown up with the idea that finance and economics are complicated and difficult concepts to understand, and that we need experts to manage our personal finances. effectively. Millennials are getting to the point where they have more money and need to make decisions about budgets, expenses and retirement savings, and many start companies…

habits that damage your credit score

Personal Finance: 3 habits that affect your credit history

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For many, credit history is one of the most important things to watch out for in personal finance. We spend much time watching costs and striving to make our payments on time to improve our credit score, we might overlook the habits that could actually be damaging it. That is why it is important to…

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4 ways to improve your personal finances with automation

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For many, managing their personal finances is an annoying, and even unnecessary, task. There is something very unattractive about the idea of sitting down to study what you are spending your money and acknowledge everything you are not saving. But today there are a lot of online tools that can help you. Anyone can benefit…

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Financial transparency and inclusion create stronger economies

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Inclusion and financial transparency are complementary concepts that go beyond the being credit worthy. One of the biggest obstacles to financial inclusion is the way in which people are evaluated to have access to credit. A strong economy needs more than technological innovation, capital investment and a solid monetary policy; it needs inclusion to boost…

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Personal Finance: Choose the best place for your savings

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Choosing investment projects for your personal finances is not a simple task, nor a decision that should be taken lightly. We want our savings to generate more returns, but we don’t want to completely lose the benefits of liquidity. Therefore, before deciding where to allocate your savings, consider the pros and cons of all the…

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Why stable coins are not the solution to cryptocurrency volatility

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Conventional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are getting famous for many things, specially because of their unpredictable fluctuations which make them unreliable and risky. Stable cryptocurrencies, the latest trend in the crypto market, aim to solve these problems. Being backed by conventional financial units, they are attractive as value deposits and less prone to financial speculation.…