Startups that are changing personal finances

Startups that are changing personal finances

Startups that are changing personal finances

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We have grown up with the idea that finance and economics are complicated and difficult concepts to understand, and that we need experts to manage our personal finances. effectively. Millennials are getting to the point where they have more money and need to make decisions about budgets, expenses and retirement savings, and many start companies have come up with new solutions for their needs.

But where to start when you do not even understand the basics principles about finance? These companies are changing the way we share financial education and making an entire generation drop the fear and distrust of the financial world.

Morning Brew
A daily financial newsletter designed especially for millennials. Its content includes updates on cryptocurrencies, companies’ valuatoin, with everything you need to know about the financial world day by day.

Specializes in financial wellness and contains lessons that range from how to start investing to when to change from rent to ownership. Its objective is to make the basic concepts of personal finances, which most people are sorry to admit they do not understand, easy to understand.

Stackin ‘
It’s a digital entertainment and finance agency that helps millennials improve their financial control. Although initially its content was limited to Facebook videos, it now sends SMS messages that you can customize according to your interests. They have trivial Tuesdays and a bot as financial advisor named Zoey.

It’s a transmission platform that works practically like any other channel, but with content specifically aimed at millennials. In May, they bought MTV Networks on campus, the Viacom small campus campus cable network.

These new companies, with the support of digital platforms and alternative communication channels such as text messaging and online videos, are intended to help a generation, which was traumatized by different financial crises and collapses, to lose their fear and become involved in the management of personal finances. And hopefully make sure they are prepared for the next crisis.

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