SYNC: Meet the Financial API for FinTech Developers

SYNC: Meet the Financial API for FinTech Developers

SYNC: Meet the Financial API for FinTech Developers

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SYNC is the proposal that Paybook has for developers of Fintech or independent companies, to connect effectively with banking institutions without having to invest time and resources in development. SYNC is a REST API that transforms raw information from institutions such as s into a JSON format. SYNC is the best way to integrate software solutions with financial institutions, government agencies and service providers, to obtain a constant flow of financial information and digital ringing services. Here are some advantages that  SYNC a has for the FinTech industry.

How does SYNC work?

SYNC is a financial API that helps independent developers or financial companies to connect securely digital information of users of financial institutions, government agencies and public service providers, in an organized and easy-to-use format.

What is an API?

An API or Application Programming Interface is a code that applications use to communicate with each other, serving as an interface between different programs. APIs can be used to communicate between operating systems, databases or communication protocols. 

What is SYNC for?

SYNC allows FinTech companies to offer account connectivity to their customers and businesses to integrate directly into ERP systems, accounting or any other software that eliminates manual data entry. SYNC also provides additional services, such as generation of electronic invoices, protection against fraud and identity and verification of income. With SYNC, the development team can automate any repetitive process, for a fraction of the cost; freeing those resources to assign them in a more intelligent way.

SYNC is the best way to optimize the development resources of your FinTech company: software developers get the ability to provide account connectivity to their clients and companies benefit from a reduction in time, resources and costs of the automation. Save time and optimize your FinTech  by integrating SYNC to your operations. With SYNC, it implements easy and fast financial automation.