3 reasons to use SYNC in your FinTech operations

3 reasons to use SYNC in your FinTech operations

3 reasons to use SYNC in your FinTech operations

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SYNC is a financial API that Paybook has created to help FinTech developers connect with financial institutions quickly and easily. SYNC has the architectural style of a RESTful pattern and uses HTTP as base protocol. Almost all the responses that this financial API receives are encoded in JSON, which guarantees its simple interaction with most of the development languages.

1.Only one access

The API key is your one access to SYNC, only with it you can consult the information of financial institutions. The API key is also a way to view or modify information from your Sync account. In order to connect and retrieve information from any compatible financial institution.

2. Safe information

Each SYNC developer uses access credentials for each one of their clients.  These users are automatically linked to the developer’s account, but also to the banking information of the institutions they are synchronized with. Every account will be classified by user, so that it will always be clear who owns that financial information

3. Connection to financial institutions

By creating different users, developers have the possibility of using SYNC to connect them with different financial institutions; each user will have their own institutions available in the SYNC catalog. SYNC allows developers to synchronize all the accounts of every bank and filter and manage this information in the way they prefer. For example, it’s possible to recover the transactions of a specific account, in case of having several accounts in the same bank.

By providing a continuous flow of up-to-date financial information, SYNC will help improve the connectivity between final clients’ accounts and financial institutions, and integrate that data into websites, accounting systems, ERP or other related software solutions, and thus eliminate the manual capture of data. Learn more about how to use SYNC within your company and connect with the future of finance today.