Glass Social, an alternative to improve financial transparency

Glass Social, an alternative to improve financial transparency

Glass Social, an alternative to improve financial transparency

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Do you think financial transparency should be only applied to governments? If you think so, you better rethink your answer: there are organizations that are not only funded by public resources, but create and possess information of public interest.

Information of public interest includes all relevant information from which society benefits, and whose disclosure is important for democracy. This sort of information is fundamental to make informed decisions, improve our lifestyle, and to create a more effective participation on public affairs.

Non-profit organizations are major creators of information of public interest, and the publication of their operational records should comply with the highest transparency standards. This means that these institutions, due to their organizational nature, aim to solve public problems that the state hasn’t been able to attend to, seeking social, economic or environmental improvement.Therefore their decisions, and resource management are matters of public interest.

When information of public interest does not comply with transparency standards, public perception is affected. This year’s Edelman Trust Barometer, which measures public trust in media, private and public companies, and non-profit organizations, showed that trust on non-profit organizations  decreased from 55% to 53% within a year. The main reason behind this growing distrust is corruption.

It’s necessary to create mechanisms that connect non-profit organizations with their target population, and evolve from a model that puts the public in the center, to a model where organizations become one with the public.

Glass Social seeks the latter. By providing transparency mechanisms Glass empowers non-profit organizations, making it easier to open their records to the public.

What does Glass do for me?

  1. Management optimization: With Glass you can share information, internally and externally; all the information you need for decision making, fast and simple.
  2.  Connectivity and open information: All your financial operations, including every digital invoice received or issued, are consolidated within your Glass account; inside it you can link every online banking accounts and Tax Administration System credentials.
  3. With all your information automatically classified, and easily accessible, you have everything you need to create reports and documentation.
  4. Information transparency: Make public where you are allocating your resources: Glass Social allows you to make your financial records public, to create open, trustworthy relations between society, donors and members of your organization.
  5. Volunteer and donor networking: Going public increments your exposure to interested parties, whether it is for volunteering positions, or to contribute to your cause. Glass creates closer, clearer relations.

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