Financial Control: Manage your shared expenses with your roomies

Financial Control: Manage your shared expenses with your roomies

Financial Control: Manage your shared expenses with your roomies

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Living today is not the same as living in any other time, and the demands of our times have forced us to adopt different lifestyles to those of the generations before us. Cohabiting and sharing houses or apartments with several people has originated as a new model of domestic economy, in which roommates take on financial roles that used to belong to family members or spouses.

Sharing household expenses is an important commitment, and an essential part of your financial control, since it’s not only sharing a financial relation, but guaranteeing the peace and harmony in your home, and a good relationship with the people with whom you live.

That is why it is necessary to keep an accurate control of the common expenses, and the different sharing and collaborating modes that Glass has for you, can help you manage your expenses with your roomies in a simple and conflict-free way.

By creating a PayBook to manage your household expenses and sharing it with all the members of the house in the administrator mode, you guarantee an open and controlled way in which everyone can register the payments they have made. This way all the payments that all the members of the house make can be contained in one place, and is in view of all.  Each person can add the transactions they want, either automatic charges made on bank accounts, or cash payments with their corresponding payment receipts.

For example, if in this month you paid internet account, simply add the payment transaction you have made: either use labels, and attach the monthly receipt to have better control, or share a photo of the receipt within a manual transaction. In this way everyone can see the payment you made and pay you back in the corresponding in the way you prefer, either in a transaction or in cash.  Whatever payment system you have established in your house, with Glass you can avoid misunderstandings and be transparent in your expenses.

If any unexpected situation arises: a leak, a problem with the wiring, or any unforeseen expense: add it to your PayBook. By sharing the cost of the service along with any payment method that has been used, your roomies will be able to know how much they owe, and pay it back.  Whatever the payment method they use, do not forget to add the corresponding transaction to your PayBook, so it’s always up to date on the payments and reimbursements that each person makes.

If you want to take it even one more level, make your PayBook public, through Social Glass publishing; this way, the payments that your roomies, or you make will always be available, without having to access your Glass account, simply by following the public link of the shared PayBook.

Having financial control in group doesn’t have to be a challenge, or a tedious and messy task, with Glass and its collaboration modes, sharing common expenses with your roomies has never been easier. Dare to try something different, use Glass to give a twist to your shared finances, and enjoy the tranquility (and peace) that transparency gives you.