4 ways to improve your personal finances with automation

4 ways to improve your personal finances with automation

4 ways to improve your personal finances with automation

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For many, managing their personal finances is an annoying, and even unnecessary, task. There is something very unattractive about the idea of sitting down to study what you are spending your money and acknowledge everything you are not saving. But today there are a lot of online tools that can help you. Anyone can benefit from any of the digital options available and take advantage of automation on their financial tasks.  Learn about these 4 ways you can use automation to improve your finances for free.

Monthly  bills

Paying for  your utilities and credit cards is something that almost everyone does automatically; relying on technology to make automation more effective will save you time and increase the effectiveness of your payments. However, automating payments is not something that you do only once; you should periodically check that none of your services increases and that you are not paying less than what you owe, especially in credit card payments.

Investment accounts

Automating deposits to your investment accounts is the easiest way to guarantee constant savings. When you automate your investments, you are implementing good financial habits, allowing compound interests to do their job and saving without even thinking about it.  Probably there is no savings strategy that has more impact than the automation of deposits to your different investments.

Financial protections

Automating protection alarms of your different accounts will help you avoid having additional charges for not having minimum balances, and to ensure that every registred transaction is actually yours. Many banks offer alert services by email or text message if the balances of their accounts fall below a specific amount, suspicious activity is detected or other problematic situations occur.

Digital reminders

Use a calendar application to remember when it’s time to perform certain financial tasks can’t be automated. For example, update the beneficiaries of your checking accounts or life insurance; even update your will. These are processes that you do not have to update regularly but that you should not neglect, and thus avoid difficulties for your loved ones in the future.

Relying on technology to improve your personal finances will not cost you more than a few minutes and will give you benefits in the short and long term. With Glass managing your personal finances is increasingly simple and easy to understand. Join Glass and take control of your finances once and for all.