Personal finance: what does wealth for mean to you?

Personal finance: what does wealth for mean to you?

Personal finance: what does wealth for mean to you?

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Money and wealth are not the same, although for many they can go hand in hand. In reality, the definition of wealth is as unique and personal as each individual.In our society wealth is measured according to the amount of money you have, but wealth has many different meanings. If you are seeking to improve your personal finances to increase your level of wealth, the first thing you have to do is define what that means for you.


Wealth depends on your values

The first thing that must be clear, is what is most important to you, what are the values ​​that guide you in your life? Invariably, the values ​​that you consider most important are where your true wealth will reside. For example, if the family is your most important value, then you will focus on it, and probably measure your level of wealth  spending as much time as you can with them. Your wealth will come from the love and respect that your family has for you.

Or maybe not working and having more time for you is what you value most, then you probably appreciate the generation of passive income, and focus on making investments and businesses that guarantee that kind of income, without having to commit your time to a job.


How much money does it mean to be rich for you?

Even if for you money and wealth are the same thing, you need to be specific,How much money does it mean to be rich for you? Enough to pay your house? Have a net worth of $ 1 million? Traveling internationally once a year?  The blind search for wealth is useless when you don’t have an specific goal, without it, how will you know if you are progressing?


Money and wealth

 Financial independence is very important. When you have enough money in the bank to survive, you feel safe and able to face any kind of instability. When there is enough money to pay for your expenses, your interpersonal relationships tend to be stronger. Regardless of what wealth means to you, your personal finances, and how you handle them, affect your values.


It is not just about changing behaviors in your personal finances, in order to reach wealth, you must go much further and explore your beliefs and fundamental values, to discover what wealth is for you.

To achieve wealth and improve your personal finances, you can count on Glass. With Glass you can manage all your financial transactions and always know where your money is going. Financial success and wealth can be the same thing, but they are not always the same, before starting your financial plan, ask yourself what does wealth mean to me? With that clear and present, it will be much easier to achieve wealth.