What is trading with cryptocurrencies?

What is trading with cryptocurrencies?

What is trading with cryptocurrencies?

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If you are already a user of cryptocurrencies, terms like Blockchain or digital wallet should already be familiar to you. In financial operations with digital products, trading with cryptocurrencies includes all the operations of buying and selling these instruments, in order to obtain a profit.

The most common way to trade is using a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform. These platforms not only serve to make purchase-sale operations, but in them you can consult the historical quotations of all the cryptocurrencies that are traded. Trading with cryptocurrencies can be done in three ways:

Fiat to cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency to Fiat. These exchanges depend on the parity that exists between each of the securities to be traded.

What does parity of cryptocurrencies mean?

The term parity can be used in various ways when talking about investments, but always to express an equal relationship. The most popular use of the term parity is to establish that two currencies have the same value. This means that the exchange rate between the two currencies is exactly 1/1.

In the cryptocurrency market, the exchange platforms are those that establish the parities between cryptocurrencies, for example, if you want to exchange one Ethereum unit for the equivalent of Ripple, you need the exchange platform to have the ETH / XRP parity. Currently, the cryptocurrency that has the highest number of parities is Bitcoin

What are the best trading exchange platforms with cryptocurrencies?


It allows you to exchange Mexican pesos for bitcoins and vice versa, it is also possible to add funds to your account by bank transfer and in the same way, withdraw funds from the sale of your cryptocurrencies. The fees that Bitso applies are not fixed, they depend on the amount of bitcoins with which you have traded. The higher the amount, the lower the commission: from a minimum of 0.1% to a maximum of 1%.

You can also make SPEI bank transfers at no cost or SWIFT with commissions of 150 pesos.


With a basic account you can buy 300 USD a day, with a limit of $ 1000 per month. In this platform you can buy bitcoins with a credit and debit card with 3.5% commissions. Bank transfers and transfers within the platform itself have no cost and offer support to a large number of countries.Localbitcoins

It is one of the most used exchanges in the world, both for how secure it is and for the wide variety of payment methods that its users accept. In this platform, apart from bank transfers and card transactions, you can do direct trading, that is, from user to user and with the means of payment they choose. They do not charge commissions for buying bitcoins, you just have to pay attention to the correct exchange rate. The seller does pay a fee of 1% of the total transaction.

Whichever platform you prefer to use, you can now track the balances of all your cryptocurrencies in Glass. No matter where you are, no matter what time it is, with Glass your financial control is in your hands. Do not have your account yet? Join Glass and enjoy financial transparency.