Glass Business: How financial transparency changes your daily operations

Glass Business: How financial transparency changes your daily operations

Glass Business: How financial transparency changes your daily operations

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Financial transparency is spontaneously linked to government budgets, international trade, or anticorruption laws, but transparency goes beyond macroeconomic levels.

In all your business processes, whether internal with your employees or external with clients or suppliers, Glass helps you achieve operational transparency. We have explored the sharing modes that your Glass Business account offers (you can refresh your memory here), but have you really thought how could it change your organization?

With Glass Business you can control the interactions of every area of your business, and all of its operations, easily and in a transparent fashion. No more time tracking transactions and squaring budgets, with your share PayBooks, it’s just a matter of tagging transactions.

For example, if you have business reps on your payroll, you know that expense control can be challenging for management, but with Glass Business you could use PayBooks to track and control expenses. Whether expenses are being made with credit or debit, even cash operations with their attached receipt, there are no untraceable transactions. The expense accounts PayBooks can then be shared with management, for a quick comparison for the established budget.

No more unreliable, unjustified expense accounts, shared PayBooks got you covered.

Or maybe as a general manager you want to keep the partners in the loop, always informed, and have reports available to them whenever they need it. Buy sharing your Business profile as administrator, they could assess and audit every transaction made, whenever they need to.

The same applies to all of your business relations: with your suppliers you could use PayBooks to share every time a payment has been transferred, and in return they could share the invoices of such payments with you, on the same PayBook. With Glass, business relations became transparent and trustworthy.

Whether it is for managerial control and reduction of untraceable or nondeductible expenses, to make interdepartmental processes more efficient, or to improve your relations with your suppliers, Glass Business is full of solutions that extend as much as you want them to.


Make transparency a standard practice on your daily business operations, and get rid of unnecessary processes that consume time and resources. Try Glass Business and make your business more efficient and more successful today.